Today marks the start of National Public Service Week, a time set aside every year for public servants to reflect on the valuable services we all provide to Canadians and to celebrate with colleagues and work teams.

Obviously this year’s celebration falls at a challenging time for the federal public service. We’re still feeling the effects of the painful workforce adjustment period and we’re gearing up for what looks to be an acrimonious and challenging round of collective bargaining. These challenges, however, don’t take away from the importance of the work performed by the FI Community, work that’s worthy of celebration.

There is an undeniable disconnect between the spirit of National Public Service Week and the message coming from the employer as we gear up for bargaining. But we also know one of the hallmarks of the FI Community is professionalism and the ability to work well with colleagues, whether they are fellow FIs, members of other groups or members of the executive and senior leadership ranks. Within and across departments, FIs are seen as consummate, reliable and collaborative professionals.

The work you do matters. It’s worth celebrating.