Today marks the first annual national day for truth and reconciliation where we take the time to commemorate the Indigenous people who have endured violence and suffering throughout Canada’s history, as well as reflect on the ways that we can all work towards reconciliation and justice for Indigenous people across North America.

At ACFO-ACAF, we are taking this day to seek out educational resources on Indigenous history and culture, as well as support Indigenous-led businesses and organizations in our community.

This new statutory holiday applies to all ACFO-ACAF members under each classification’s collective agreement as “one additional day when proclaimed by an act of Parliament as a national holiday”:

  • CT-EAV (AU collective agreement): Article 12.01(l)
  • CT-FIN (FI collective agreement): Article 22.01(l)
  • CT-IAU (AS collective agreement): Article 30.02(l)
  • NAV Canada collective agreement: Article 25.01(l)

While we are encouraged by the progress made towards reconciliation in the creation of this statutory holiday, we recognize that there is still much more to be done. As such, we call on the newly-elected parliament to make progress towards implementing the 94 Calls to Action laid out by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.