ACFO is pleased to announce that several new Departmental Representatives successfully completed their orientation sessions and are ready to serve the FI Community. 

The new Departmental Representatives are:

National Capital Region

Mark Kew                                   National Defence
Yasser Harb                                Statistics Canada
Ibrahim Omar                             Privy Council
Linda Goon                                 Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Michel Leblanc                            Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Dany Richard                              Public Works and Government Services
Carm Iraci                                  Canadian Forces Housing Agency
Linda Gaudet                              Foreign Affairs and International Trade 

Regional Representatives
Ron Tucker                                PWGSC, Halifax

ACFO Departmental Representatives act as liaison between the FI Community in their departments and regions and the Association. They also provide a presence for the Association in departments by attending meetings with management and advocating ACFO policies and positions. 

This is an excellent opportunity to network with other FIs, ACFO’s National Office, and within the Department in a position with limited duties and responsibilities. 

If you are interested in representing your fellow FIs or want more information on this opportunity, please contact Grant Boland at or call (613) 728-0695 ext. 222.