Last week, on Wednesday, April 28, ACFO-ACAF along with workers and their families marked the National Day of Mourning, a day when we commemorate those who have lost their lives to workplace illness and injury. As we continue through the pandemic, we mourn those we have lost to COVID-19 due to lack of workplace safety precautions, paid sick leave and other measures that may have saved countless lives over the past 14 months.

This week, May 2 to 8, we celebrate North American Occupational Safety and Health Week. Across North America this week, we call attention to the vital importance of workplace health and safety in preventing illness and injury at work. While it is always important to ensure the health and safety of workers, this mandate has never been clearer than during the ongoing pandemic. Giving employees the opportunity and resources to work from home when possible and sufficient protections when telework is not feasible are some of the many ways to ensure that workers are kept safe and healthy as we weather this global health crisis together.

Finally, we would like to thank all our members who serve as volunteer Occupational Health and Safety representatives in their workplaces across Canada. OHS committee volunteers are responsible for inspecting their workplace, handling health and safety complaints as they arise and implementing changes that may affect occupational health and safety at work. They play a vital role in the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment in their workplace.

As we celebrate NAOSH week this year, we especially thank these volunteers for their work adapting to the changing health and safety guidelines and restrictions pertaining to the pandemic. Your volunteer efforts do not go unnoticed and we are sincerely grateful for your time and the work that you do.

You can find more information on North American Occupational Safety and Health Week here.