The Canada School of Public Service and the Office of the Comptroller General (OCG) have developed a new core knowledge and skill training curriculum for the financial management professionals in the FI group.  The courses are designed to reinforce sound financial and risk management, and address financial management policy renewal.  

All employees currently in the FI group who are part of the core public administration, and have less than five (5) years’ experience in that occupational group as of September 1, 2010 must complete the following required training courses within three years:

F111 – Financial Management Control Frameworks (3 days)
F112 – Government Planning, Budgeting, Reporting and Evaluation Cycle  (2 days)
F113 – Financial Management Systems (2 days) 

More information can be obtained from your departmental Training Coordinator or the Office of the Comptroller General.

ACFO has long recognized the need to reinforce a strong financial management capacity within the public service.  This program, which was developed in consultation with ACFO, provides a solid foundation for strengthening the effectiveness of the FI community. 

In addition to this base training for new FIs, ACFO believes that a robust and well-funded professional development regime is needed to ensure all FIs are able to continually learn and develop. 

As the cost of this initiative will be funded exclusively through departmental training budgets, ACFO will continue to advocate on your behalf with departments, the OCG and at the bargaining table for increased training budgets and opportunities for FIs at every level.