The Association has received numerous inquiries and questions regarding the application and interpretation of the overtime provisions in the Collective Agreement. Here is a brief explanation and analysis of the relevant overtime provisions, which is aimed at clarifying the following.

The FI Collective Agreement provides for an Employee who is required to work overtime on her/his normal work days, is entitled to compensation at the rate of one point five (1.5) times his/her hourly rate of pay for all overtime hours worked. In order to qualify you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Overtime work is authorized in advance by the Employer,
  2. When the Employee does not control the duration of the overtime work.

* In accordance with jurisprudence, overtime resulting from “standard operating instructions” applies when an Employee is given assigned duties which will automatically lead to overtime, there does not need to be repeated advance authorization.

Double Time

If you are required to work on a day of rest (Saturday, Sunday or equivalent) you are entitled to time and one half for the first 7.5 hours, and double time thereafter. If you are required to work consecutively on both days of rest, you are entitled to double time on the second day of rest. If you are required to work on a designated holiday and have worked the preceding day of rest, you are entitled to double time, in addition to your regular pay for that day.

Minimum payment on a day of rest: The minimum payment when you are required to report for work on a day of rest is three (3) hours at the applicable overtime rate.

If you are denied and/or discouraged from claiming overtime by management, please contact the Association for assistance.

N.B. For the official version of the overtime provisions, please refer to Article 19 of the FI Collective Agreement.


Although there is no right to refuse overtime in the Federal public service, the Association strongly urges that members request payment for all overtime. It is not unprofessional to claim for compensation for overtime hours worked.