Reciprocal Transfer Agreements

October 19, 2000

  1. The Association is asking all members who are aware of FI colleagues who have left the Public Service as a result of the October 15, 2000 deadline for Reciprocal Transfer Agreements to advise the National Office of the name and level of the individual as well as their former department.
  2. All members are urged to examine in detail the contents of Chapter 13 of the October 17, 2000 Auditor General’s Report – Assessment of Financial Management Capabilities in Departments. As you read the report, please note that this supports the Association’s position at the negotiating table and our emphasis on the need to retain, recruit and motivate financial professionals. It underlines the lack of an integrated approach to community management and stresses the need for real and urgent attention to this community. Hopefully, Treasury Board will recognize its responsibility to provide financial incentives to motivate this community if FIS implementation is to be successful and the Public Service is to maintain a dedicated professional community.