Note: The situation regarding COVID-19 is changing rapidly. Please ensure you read the most up to date notices on and understand that older information may become outdated quickly.


As you may know, ACFO-ACAF runs the Departmental Representative Program, where 100 volunteer members from across Canada act as a liaison between the CT Community in their departments/regions and ACFO-ACAF. On March 17, ACFO-ACAF President Dany Richard and Director of Labour Relations Scott Chamberlain hosted a teleconference exclusive for departmental representatives to provide important information on COVID-19 and other ACFO-ACAF initiatives. We are sharing the audio of this teleconference to members at large for your reference.

The bottom line: At this point it should be clear to all managers based on OCHRO’s communications that any employee whose role is not critical should not be coming into work.

We have also provided a summary of the call if you are unable to listen to the complete audio:

We encourage you to continue to check the ACFO-ACAF website for the latest updates on COVID-19. Further resources:

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