Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Tuesday that the date of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, September 19, 2022, will be marked in Canada with a national holiday. This means that all federal public servants will receive the day as a paid holiday.

This will therefore apply to all ACFO-ACAF public service members under each classification’s collective agreement, as the employer has advised that it will treat the holiday like “one additional day when proclaimed by an act of Parliament as a national holiday” under the clauses below:

  • CT-EAV (AU collective agreement): Article 12.01(l)
  • CT-FIN (FI collective agreement): Article 22.01(l)
  • CT-IAU (AS collective agreement): Article 30.02(l)

The day is not considered a statutory holiday for federally regulated employers, including NAV CANADA.

Treasury Board is expected to communicate with employees regarding the National Day of Mourning. In the meantime, should you have any questions about paid holidays or your collective agreement, please contact