A tentative agreement has been reached with Treasury Board to provide for compensation for every ACFO-ACAF public service member in recognition of the frustration and aggravation brought about by the Phoenix payroll debacle. The agreement also creates a faster process to resolve outstanding Phoenix issues and sets the parameters for a process to potentially award greater damages to members who faced undue pain and suffering as a result of payroll errors.  

“There is certainly more work to do to stabilize the payroll system and finally resolve all of the many outstanding underpayments and overpayments, but we see this as a good-faith agreement with an employer that recognizes that hard working financial professionals have faced unprecedented hardship and uncertainty for more than three years,” said Dany Richard, ACFO-ACAF President.  

“This is a concrete step that begins to compensate each and every one of our members for the frustration and aggravation they have experienced and it creates an expedited process to secure additional compensation for more severe cases of hardship.” 

More specifics on the agreement will be made available as soon as they are available. 

Read the Treasury Board press release here.