The National Joint Council is pleased to announce a number of short-term travel improvements intended to better support travelling employees in the conduct of their day to day business of serving Canadians.

Members should be aware that effective July 1, 2000, the following improvements under the Travel Directive took effect for all employees:

  • an increase in the daily incidental allowance from $6.00 to $11.50;
  • an increase in the daily allowance for accommodation at private non-commercial facilities from $13.50 to $50.00;
  • elimination of the current 20% meal rate reduction for employees travelling overseas and who stay at private non-commercial accommodations;
  • increased discretion for car rental size;
  • rail travel on VIA 1 will be authorized (e.g.: within the Montreal/Toronto/Windsor corridor);
  • spousal/dependent travel (on a cost-neutral pilot basis in Canada/USA) while on extended travel status as an alternative to travelling home;
  • an enhancement to the existing travel provision for child care in line with the dependent care policy utilized for Y2K of up to $75.00 per day with appropriate receipts or declaration.

In addition to these improvements, the Hotel Directory has already been extended in January 2000 to include more properties.