OTTAWA – Committee Chair, Robert Loiselle, and the members of the Compensation and Benefits Committee (C&B Committee) met this past weekend to prepare ACFO’s bargaining proposals for our next contract.

Some of the diverse topics reviewed by the Committee in preparation for this round of negotiations include; Compensation, Career Development, Vacation Leave, Classification, Hours of Work, Chief Financial Officer Transition Allowance, and Designated Paid Holidays.

Earlier this year, ACFO conducted a membership survey to solicit bargaining proposals and priorities and to collect important demographic and strategic information as needed. The C&B Committee has reviewed the results of the survey and has integrated these suggestions into the bargaining proposals.

The bargaining team has prepared the ACFO bargaining proposals based on a number of factors including, but not limited to: the results of the membership survey; the report of the previous round of bargaining; a review of the other collective agreements negotiated by the other bargaining agents in the public service; and analysis regarding comparator groups internal and external to the federal public service.

The Chair of the Committee and ACFO Negotiator will be meeting with the Treasury Board Negotiator on November 20th to exchange proposals and will keep members informed as negotiations progress.