In case you missed it, today Treasury Board provided an update to the Mandatory Vaccination Policy, where they announced that the mandatory vaccine mandate for federal public servants will be suspended effective June 20, 2022, and employees will no longer be required to be vaccinated as a condition of employment.

While the Public Health Agency of Canada still recommends that Canadians should be fully vaccinated, the Employer shared that this decision was reached based on scientific evidence and public health advice. However, the Employer also shared that they may revert to mandatory vaccination for employees in the future should the situation or public health advice change.

Employees currently on leave without pay who are not fully vaccinated or who have refused to disclose their vaccination status should contact their supervisor to discuss their return-to-work plans.

More details are still to come. We will share any updates with members as they become available, and TBS is developing a manager’s toolkit along with an FAQ. NAV CANADA’s mandatory vaccination policy has also been suspended, except for employees who are subject to external vaccination requirements during the course of their work.

As always, if you’re being asked to return to the office and are uncomfortable doing so, such as if you or someone in your household is immunocompromised, please contact