Certain Financial Officers may be entitled to additional compensation after the Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO) approved an addition to the section of the new public service Collective Agreement dealing with the Chief Financial Officer Transitional Allowance.

In negotiating the new Collective Agreement, it was agreed that any Financial Officer who was receiving the Allowance would continue to do so even if acting at a higher level.

Building on the spirit of this clause, the employer suggested an addition be made to the Agreement. The new clause stipulates that “when an employee in receipt of the Chief Financial Officer Transitional Allowance is required by the Employer to perform the duties of a higher classification level within the FI bargaining unit the Transitional Allowance of the substantive positional shall continue until such a time as the requirements to receive the Transitional Allowance of the acting level are met.”

Implementation of the Agreement

ACFO has received calls from some Financial Officers expressing concerns about the implementation of the new Agreement, particularly with regards to the signing bonus and retroactive pay.

It is important to remember that the employer has until September 4, 2008, to fully implement the Collective Agreement. The recalculation of the pay scale, administration of retroactive pay and issuance of the signing bonus are different processes. Therefore, members may see the various financial benefits of the new Agreement at different times.

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