The Association has received a number of questions from FIs regarding alternation as part of the Work Force Adjustment (WFA) process.

Alternation refers to an option whereby an opting employee exchanges positions with another employee willing to leave the Core Public Administration.  All Departments must participate in the alternation process.

If you receive official notification that your position will be eliminated and are not given a guarantee of a reasonable job offer (GRJO), you are eligible for alternation.

Alternation is only available during the employee’s 120 day opting period and before they choose one of the three options.

The employee must meet the position requirements of the position they are alternating into and alternation must occur on a specified date agreeable to the Department. Alternation requires management approval.

A new process has been set up to assist in alternation called the Alternation Forum.  This forum was created by the Office of the Chief Human Resource Officer and Treasury Board to facilitate communication between affected employees and employees looking to leave the Core Public Administration through alternation.

The Forum is being run through the GCForums – Jobs Marketplace (JMP).  JMP is a public service-wide Internet forum that enables employees to network professionally across Departments. The JMP is for at-level mobility only, i.e., indeterminate and term deployments, secondments, and assignments.

If you are interested in alternation either as a surplused employee or as an employee who would like to opt, you can post your resume or contact information or browse the listings for a match.  More detailed instructions on how the forum works are available on the website itself.

For more information on the WFA process, please review ACFO’s WFA Guide and WFA Frequently Asked Questions.

If you receive notification that you are affected or surplused you should contact ACFO at 1-877-728-0695 or (613) 728-0695 and ask to speak with a Labour Relations Advisor.   Our professional staff is ready to answer any question you may have and will help guide you through the WFA process.