Receiving a work force adjustment (WFA) notification does not always mean that your position has been eliminated.

During the early stages of a potential WFA situation, your Department may choose to inform you verbally or in writing that you are an affected employee. If this is the case it means that your position may, or may not, be eliminated in the future but your Department has not yet made a decision.

For example, if there are ten FIs in a work group and the Employer intends to eliminate two of those positions, all ten employees may receive an affected notice.

Essentially, the Employer does this as advance warning to provide you the opportunity to consider other employment options.

Alternatively, if you are notified in writing that your position has or will be eliminated you become a surplus employee.   The written notification of your surplus status must also indicate whether you will be given a guarantee of a reasonable job offer (GRJO) or options under the Work Force Adjustment Directive.

For further details on the WFA process, please review ACFO’s WFA Guide and WFA Frequently Asked Questions.

If you receive notification that you are affected or surplused you should contact ACFO at 1-877-728-0695 or (613) 728-0695 and ask to speak with a Labour Relations Advisor. Our professional staff is ready to answer any question you may have and will help guide you through the WFA process.