ACFO and the Latin American Union of Public Control Workers (ULATOC) have signed a formal agreement of cooperation in our efforts to advocate for sound financial management and government spending control mechanisms.

ULATOC is a consortium of 11 Latin American financial control unions, and a fellow member of Public Services International.

By committing to collaborate, exchange best practices, and share resources for the ongoing training of public financial control workers with other nations and organizations, this partnership gives our Association strength in numbers and expands our network on an international level.

ACFO intends to leverage this partnership to demonstrate our expertise in government financial management, and promote the value of the work FIs do on behalf of Canadians to a global audience. Through this cooperation agreement, we have an international platform to advocate for sound fiscal controls both at home and abroad.

A copy of the signed declaration of cooperation can be found here.

For more information in this matter, please contact ACFO President Milt Isaacs at