Nearly one hundred members tuned in to attend ACFO-ACAF’s 31st Annual General Meeting (AGM), held exclusively online this year. Attendees of this meeting learned the results of the voting held throughout the month of November and heard newly acclaimed President Dany Richard kick off his second term as Chair of the ACFO-ACAF Board of Directors and President of ACFO-ACAF with updates for the membership. The complete voting results can be found below.

This year’s AGM attendees learned more about: ACFO-ACAF’s work to support members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Phoenix and the NextGen pay system and collective bargaining, specifically the Phoenix damages agreement and harmonizing the agreements of the three subgroups of the new Comptrollership (CT) Group.

Updates were also provided on ongoing initiatives and issues such as the Employee Wellness Support Program (EWSP) negotiations, the pay equity joint study, staffing, the Joint Career Development Program (JCDP) and Comptrollership Training Centre (CTC), the my.ACFO-ACAF portal and the Volunteer Representative Program. Throughout the event, Dany Richard and ACFO-ACAF staff also addressed member questions submitted via Zoom or anonymously through Slido.

Complete information on these updates can be found in the can be found in the Annual Report on the my.ACFO-ACAF portal at

ACFO-ACAF wants to thank everyone that attended and participated in the AGM and all those who voted in the elections. We also want to thank all the candidates who put their name forward for the position of Director – this is the highest number of candidates we have ever had for a single seat and we are thrilled with the level of engagement this demonstrates from our community.

Resolution 1: Approval of the minutes of the 2019 AGM

Yes: 550

Abstain: 2

No: 30

Resolution 2: Approval of the audited financial statements

Yes: 555

Abstain: 2

No: 25

Resolution 3: Approval of the 2021 budget

Yes: 546

Abstain: 8

No: 28

Resolution 4: Approval of the auditors

Yes: 550

Abstain: 8

No: 24

Resolution 5: Bylaw amendment to update the configuration of the board of directors to ensure representation for the new CT subgroups

Yes: 548

Abstain: 11

No: 23

Director Candidates (One position available)

Sylvain Lapierre: 130

Rene Haddad: 124

Andrew Burt: 123

Pierre Liu: 72

Raphael Denize: 49

Alain Toni Jalkh: 36