We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s ACFO-ACAF scholarship, Justyna Korczynski and Mingde Yin.

Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship Winner: Mingde Yin

Established in honour of ACFO-ACAF founder and former president Merdon Hosking, the Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship is a one-time $2,500 scholarship awarded to a child or dependent of a member of the CT Community that is currently enrolled in a post-secondary degree or diploma program at a recognized institution.

This year’s winner is Mingde Yin. Mingde is an engineering science student at the University of Toronto and a dependent of ACFO-ACAF member and CT-FIN-2 at Treasury Board, Tracy Zhao.

CT Community Professional Scholarship Winner: Justyna Korczynski

The CT Community Professional Scholarship is a one-time $5,000 scholarship awarded to a member of the CT Community in good standing that is in pursuit of their CPA designation.

Justyna is a CT-FIN-1 working in Corporate Reporting of the Accounting Operations Division at Justice Canada. She is highly involved in the CT Community as the lead on the FORD/IARD program’s social committee.

Evaluation and how to apply

The evaluation of applications and selection of winners are done by an independent committee. To make the process fairer and more unbiased, all personal identification is removed from the applications before they are sent to the evaluation committee. The committee members examine applications in detail assigning a score from 1 – 5 on several different assessment criteria, including the applicant’s resume, references and more.

Applications for the 2021 scholarships will open in Summer 2021. To learn more about the different scholarships and criteria to apply, visit the Scholarships page. Any questions can be directed to scholarships@acfo-acaf.com.

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship winners and we hope to see you apply in 2021!