The Association of Canadian Financial Officers has been advocating for investments in the professional development of its members for several years. During the last round of collective bargaining, Treasury Board responded to our call for action and agreed to make an unprecedented investment in PD for the FI Community. Funded by TBS and jointly administered by ACFO and the OCG, the Joint Career Development Program’s $1,000,000 investment is an unparalleled opportunity for all ACFO members to apply for free professional development, including:

  • language training;
  • CPA training;
  • an FI Interchange program;
  • professional development events across Canada;
  • an FI-only uOttawa Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy (IFSD) course;
  • and more.

In less than five minutes, you may complete an application form to submit your candidacy for training—no further steps required. The deadline to apply is by Friday, October 20 at 4:30 pm ET.

Learn more and submit your application at