ACFO-ACAF is pleased to announce the first ever CT Community Awards, where one award in three categories will be given annually to members of the CT Community who have provided outstanding contributions to the profession and to the community at large. 

These awards are a way to not only recognize the dedication and innovation of ACFO-ACAF members, but we also hope it will inspire members of the community to reach greater heights. They include: 

  • The CT Innovation Award for a member or team of members at the forefront of innovation in finance or audit; 
  • The Tessie Genise Volunteer Award for a member who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to volunteerism within the community; and 
  • The CT Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of a member’s career of dedication to the CT Community.  

Not only will each award winner be celebrated at the first annual Holiday Tune Up Gala event on December 5 (more to come on this!) but each will be featured in an ACFO-ACAF multimedia campaign in 2024 and invited to meet with key public service senior management. Any winners from the regions will have their travel expenses covered to receive their prize, so we encourage members from across Canada to apply! 

Not sure if you or a colleague would be eligible for the award, or what to expect from the multimedia campaign? Check out our recent spotlight of the Directorate of Cost Analytics at DND in Ottawa, who supported the financial analysis of one of the largest acquisition projects in Canadian history.

How to apply and who’s eligible 

To see a complete description and the eligibility criteria for each award, visit our Awards page here.

Members can either nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else, and the evaluation of applications and selection of winners will be done by an independent committee with personal identification removed. Completed nominations must be submitted here by October 31, 2023.

For any questions, please contact