ACFO-ACAF is thrilled to announce a tremendous opportunity exclusively available to members who reside outside of the National Capital Region (NCR).

For the first time ever, we are hosting a special lottery to offer ten (10) lucky individuals the chance to attend the CT Symposium in Ottawa from October 29-30! Historically, constraints posed by limited travel budgets within your departments have made it next to impossible for members in the regions to attend events in the NCR, which is why we elected to bring you here ourselves using the surplus generated from last year’s CT Symposium.

What winners will receive

The selection process will be fair and transparent, as winners will be chosen by random draw. The chosen recipients will receive a comprehensive package, including:

  • Free in-person registration to the CT Symposium;
  • Three (3) nights of hotel accommodations from October 28 to 31;
  • Travel expenses (either a plane or train ticket depending on your location); and
  • Meal allowances throughout your trip.

While we’re thrilled to offer this opportunity, it’s important that our lottery winners fully engage with the event. Therefore, it will be mandatory that you attend both days of the CT Symposium as well as our Annual General Meeting the evening of October 29.


The following ACFO-ACAF members are not eligible to take part in this lottery:

  • ACFO-ACAF members who have previously participated in the JCDP Interchange program;
  • ACFO-ACAF volunteer representatives; 
  • Acting ACFO-ACAF members whose substantive position is not within the CT classification; and/or
  • ACFO-ACAF members who live in the National Capital Region. 

Apply now!

Eligible ACFO-ACAF members must submit their applications, which takes less than five minutes to complete, before the deadline of June 21, 2024, at 8:00 am ET. While we appreciate everyone who applies for this opportunity, only those selected to participate will be contacted.

You can fill out the application using this link (opens in new tab).

Should you have any questions related to the lottery, please contact

Early bird CT Symposium pricing available until August 31 for members in the NCR

ACFO-ACAF members who aren’t eligible to take part in the lottery can still get tickets for the CT Symposium at a discounted rate until August 31! Special discounts are available for both individuals and groups.

You can register to attend the event using this link (opens in new tab).