National Public Service Week taking place during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is upon us once again. This year, ACFO-ACAF would like to take this opportunity to express how honoured we are to represent such a resilient and professional community of public servants.

While the world of work will never quite be the same when the pandemic eventually comes to an end, we are heartened to know that the CT-FIN, CT-IAU and CT-EAV communities will be prepared for what awaits.

The pandemic has made clear to many Canadians how vital a role public servants play in their lives. At the onset of the crisis and in the many months since, Canada’s public servants have gone above and beyond as was noted by the Auditor General Karen Hogan earlier this year. In her message accompanying audits of several pandemic relief programs, Hogan said, “The public service focused on the desired outcome: helping Canadians fast. Public servants—who are Canadians like you and me—made this happen while also living through the pandemic and adjusting to very different working conditions. Their ability to work differently during the pandemic—to learn, change, and course‑correct in real time—has shown what a service mindset can accomplish.”

As we approach the end of the pandemic and more and more Canadians are vaccinated, ACFO-ACAF is actively advocating on behalf of all our members to ensure a safe return to the workplace for those going back while also pushing for more flexibility and greater use of remote and flex work arrangements to better reflect the changing nature of work. If you have any concerns or questions about your department’s plan for this return, you can email For those who have not yet received your vaccine, you encouraged to request 698 leave in the case that your appointment is scheduled during work hours.

Your professionalism, adaptability and unwavering dedication to serving Canadians has certainly not gone unnoticed. We hope that you take a moment to recognize the incredible work you have done in the face of unprecedented adversity. ACFO-ACAF is proud to be your union representative, and we will continue to advocate for your best interests and support you in times of need.