As you may know, public service ACFO-ACAF members’ disability insurance plan is managed by the National Joint Council (NJC), through the Disability Insurance Plan Board of Management (DI Board), which is comprised of employer and bargaining agent representatives. 

The NJC Executive Committee and Treasury Board have recently agreed to an increase in disability insurance premiums deductions for all public service employees. This increase will represent roughly an additional $0.35 for every $1,000 of insured salary of deductions per employee per month for DI benefits with Sun Life (e.g. a total deduction of $4 per month for an employee earning a $75,000 annual rate of pay). The employer pays 85% of the premium and the plan member the remaining 15%. Treasury Board is also set to approve a lump-sum injection into the DI Plan.  

The deductions increase and lump-sum injection were agreed upon to address an increase in claims, the deficit in the DI Plan and a premium rate that no longer to support the financial operation of Plan, as well as to ensure that sufficient funds are set aside to pay future benefits. 

This increase in deductions applies to all CT members and will be effective in July. 

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