On September 27, ACFO will be issuing our second annual State of the FI Community Survey. The survey will cover key priorities of the FI Community including leave, professional development and work/life balance.

Last year’s survey was hugely beneficial towards helping the FI Community in the workplace, in grievances, at the bargaining table, at LMCCs (Labour-Management Consultation Committees) and in talks with CFOs. This year’s survey will continue this trend and build on the wealth of data establishing the FI Community as a qualified group deserving of high professional standards.

We guarantee your confidentiality and only aggregate data large enough to ensure anonymity will be shared; however, providing data such as your department name, designation status and region will deliver tangible figures on the FI Community and on departmental satisfaction, shedding light on and exposing each department’s prime strengths and weaknesses.

Through a detailed report ACFO will publish based on results, not only will competition arise between departments to improve their performance, but you will learn exactly which departments provide FIs with the most opportunities for success and with the rights you deserve:

  • Annual departmental rankings will be made available to ACFO members to assist in evaluating opportunities for promotion;
  • We will plot how departmental rankings have changed since 2015;
  • We will strategically and constructively target and consult with poor-performing departments in order to assist them in improving their results; and
  • We will recognize top-performing departments to encourage upward trending in these areas.

When the survey lands in your inbox on September 27, please take ten minutes during one of your breaks to complete it.