Earlier this year, ACFO-ACAF launched an in-house professional development institute, the Comptrollership Training Centre (CTC), which offers low-cost, discounted training specifically designed for financial professionals. Recognized by the Office of the Comptroller General (OCG) as a professional development provider, the CTC has helped hundreds of professionals build important soft skills such as emotional intelligence, leadership, communication and influence in the workplace.

Below you will find upcoming courses being offered under the CTC this winter. Don’t delay in registering—each course we have hosted to date has sold out.

Political Skills: Increasing the Impact of Your Influence

This course is suitable for professionals at all levels looking to increase their impact and position themselves well on their career path.

In a recent feedback survey, one FI participant said the most useful aspect of the course was, “very practical information that can be easily applied in the workplace.”

More information about the course content and instructor can be found at https://www.acfo-acaf.com/professional-development/comptrollership-training-centre/political-skills-increasing-the-impact-of-your-influence/.

Effective Communication for Financial Professionals

This full-day course is aimed at getting your message across in an effective way. Participants will learn about the fundamentals of persuasive communication with a specific focus on scenarios and document types that will be familiar to anyone who works in a finance, accounting or audit function.

“This course taught me how to convey a message from the audience’s perspective and how to convey a message more effectively,” said one FI-2.

More information about the course content and instructor can be found at https://www.acfo-acaf.com/professional-development/comptrollership-training-centre/effective-communication-for-financial-professionals/.

IFSD 360°

Led by former PBO Kevin Page, this five-day course is taught exclusively by staff from The Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy (IFSD). This hands-on, interactive and collaborative course was created exclusively for FIs and is a full-circle insider’s guide to the key facets of the financial cycle.

“This was probably the most relevant and useful course I have taken in my career with the Government of Canada,” said one FI-3 about her experience.

More information about the course content and instructor can be found at https://www.acfo-acaf.com/professional-development/comptrollership-training-centre/ifsd-360/.

More courses TBA

Future dates for other courses will be announced in the months to come. The CTC is also able to develop customized courses for teams based on our catalogue available at https://www.acfo-acaf.com/professional-development/comptrollership-training-centre/.

If you are interested in developing a customized course for your team, or for more information about the Comptrollership Training Centre, please contact jboughner@acfo-acaf.com.