Note: The situation regarding COVID-19 is changing rapidly. Please ensure you read the most up to date notices on and understand that older information may become outdated quickly.


The following message was sent by NAV Canada to all of its employees earlier today:

Work Restrictions:

The following work restrictions are in place effective Tuesday, March 17:

  1. Essential employees will report to their working position.
  2. Non-Essential employees are expected to work from home.

Essential employees are those in positions that are required to ensure safe air traffic services (control, advisory and system support) and whose work cannot be performed remotely. Essential employees must ensure they are familiar with the previously provided information detailing the measures taken to ensure safety in the workplace. Certain employees may need to report to work to perform specific activities that relate to supporting essential staff and operations, and work from home when possible. Facility access and personal travel restrictions remain in effect.

Non-essential employees are expected to work from home, completing their normal work for their regular pay.  Your managers will work with you to ensure you are properly equipped to work from home. We ask for your patience as equipment is made available. If non-essential employees are unable to complete work from home, they will be placed on leave with pay.

We know that many of your families will be affected by temporary school closures. Please contact your manager to discuss alternative arrangements and visit COVID-19 Information Site for additional details on remote work. If you have questions regarding a specific position, please contact your HRBP.

These measures comply with public health recommendations being issued across the country, and will also help to protect our essential employees who are not able to work from home.

After-hour security protocols:

After-hour security protocols will be in place as of March 17 at all facilities; these protocols vary by facility and may mean that you will require your after-hours access code to enter, in addition to your OneCard.