As you now know, the Government of Canada has announced the creation of the new Comptrollership Group (CT Group). For more information about the CT group and why ACFO-ACAF is best positioned to represent the comptrollership community, please read here:

Previously we addressed a number of questions about the impacts of the CT Group and our next steps. In that vein, we want to address the importance of submitting a membership card as soon as possible.

Who should submit a membership card?

Membership cards are for all members of the new CT group – including FIs. They show your support for ACFO-ACAF as the bargaining agent for the new group. To maintain your low union dues and to continue to receive experienced, professional service, we encourage you to submit a membership card immediately.

Why are membership cards important?

Membership cards are important because they expediate the process of certifying a bargaining agent for the CT Group.

The sooner ACFO-ACAF has cards signed by at least 50% of impacted employees, the sooner we can be certified and can start negotiating better pay rates, classification standards, qualification standards and career mobility for the CT Group. With a federal election on the horizon, the negotiation process could take much longer.

How can I submit a membership card?

To submit a membership card, please print and cut out a copy of the card (PDF). Once you have filled it out, mail it to the following address:

193 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON  K1Z 6W4

Please note that scans, copies or faxes will not be accepted by the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board, the body responsible for certifying the bargaining agent for the CT Group. Only the original card will be accepted.

Alternately, you can give your completed membership card to your ACFO-ACAF departmental representative in-person. Departmental representatives are collecting cards on behalf of their whole offices and mailing them back to ACFO-ACAF together.


If you have any questions about the CT Group or membership cards, please contact ACFO-ACAF’s Director of Labour Relations, General Counsel and Negotiator, Scott Chamberlain, at