The strength and professionalism of the FI Community were clearly on display at the third annual Award of
Excellence for Comptrollership in the Public Sector ceremony in recent weeks.

The annual Award ceremony was held on May 10th and two groups of financial officers were honoured, one group
from a large department and another from a small one. Four FIs from the Public Service Commission – Vincent
Gilbert, Mariana Teodora Barbunca, Maxime Rousselle and Marie-Andrée Vézina – were honoured for making a
significant contribution to financial management within the Government of Canada.

This feather in the cap for the FI Community was followed by a win in the large department category – Richard
Inomata, Stéphany Laperrière, Gregory Licandro, Keith MacLeod, Minou Nguyen, Daniel Simard and Riadh Thlibi –
were honoured for their work on finding an efficient way to help implement the increased fiscal monitoring of
the Federal Accountability Act.

“The recognition of these Financial Officers reflects well on the entire FI Community,” said ACFO President Milt
Isaacs. “I am proud to be part of the same community as these dedicated professionals. They are truly showing
that Financial Officers add more than numbers – we add value.”

Public Service Commission winners

Left to right:(Click on the photo to enlarge it)
Vincent Gilbert
Maxime Rousselle
Milt Isaacs, President ACFO
Richard Charlebois, Vice-President, PSC
Marie-Andrée Vézina
Mariana Teodora Barbunca

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