Once again, ACFO had a large presence at the FMI Professional Development Week conference from Nov. 27-30, 2012 in Ottawa.

ACFO’s booth was very popular over the course of PD Week.  Over 3,000 conference attendees stopped by to pick up some great promotional items, learn more about ACFO’s services, and discuss Association business and labour relations issues.

Many brave FIs conducted interviews for the Association’s “I am a Financial Officer” video campaign as well.  Check back with ACFO’s I am a Financial Officer webpage in the coming weeks to see what fellow FIs have to say about their jobs, career paths and what it means to be a Financial Officer.

Hundreds of ballots were also filled out each day for ACFO’s Trivia Game Draw.  We are pleased to report that for the most part FIs get a passing grade for knowing about the Association’s history, services, and initiatives. For those who want to see if they answered their questions correctly, Trivia Game answers have been posted on ACFO’s FI Community Discussion Forum on LinkedIn.

Congratulations to the daily Trivia Game winners:

  • Hanh Tran (Tuesday’s winner)
  • Jay Soomal (Wednesday’s winner)
  • Ibrahima Ndiaye (Thursday’s winner)

As a strong supporter of professional development and training opportunities for FIs, ACFO is proud to sponsor organizations such as the Financial Management Institute and its programs.  The Association was recognized with a Sponsor Recognition Award during FMI’s Sponsors’ Gala this year for ACFO’s long-standing support and collaboration with FMI and PD Week.

Thanks again to FIs who participated in all of the Associations’ PD Week activities, including ACFO’s Annual General Meeting, Labour Relations Q&A drop-in, Departmental Representatives focus group, and Social Mixer.

For more information on any of these activities, please contact ACFO’s national office at information@acfo-acaf.com or call toll-free 1-877-728-0695, or local (613) 728-0695.