We know that this is a time of unprecedented challenge and uncertainty, during which many of you are also having to balance multiple responsibilities. ACFO-ACAF is committed to continuing to support our community’s mental wellness during this difficult period. In that vein, we want to make our members aware that the Centre of Expertise on Mental Health and Wellness is now offering some of their courses on mental wellness for free. You can find further information on these courses copied below. 

Additionally, as part of our ongoing Webinar Wednesday series, ACFO-ACAF will be hosting a virtual seminar on Workplace Mental Health with special guest Mark Henick on Wednesday, April 22. You can find more information on our Webinar Wednesday series here. 

As always, if you have specific questions about your mental health as it pertains to your workplease don’t hesitate to contact an ACFO-ACAF Labour Relations Advisor at labourrelations@acfo-acaf.com. 


Managing your mental health during times of crisis is an essential part of the coping process. Be sure to acknowledge how you are feeling about your personal circumstances. Take the time you need to talk to others and consult the many mental health resources available to you. 

Protecting your mental health 

In response to COVID-19, the Centre of Expertise on Mental Health in the Workplace has launched a new portal to better equip employees, managers and organizations to cope with information on mental health and wellness, self-care and resilience, and financial well-being. 

Mental health and COVID-19 for public servants: Protect your mental health 

Learning in support of mental health 

Protecting and maintaining your mental health is especially important during times of isolation and social distancing. Explore these helpful online courses offered through GCcampus: 

Mental Health: Awareness (Z401) 

Mental Health: Communication Strategies (Z087) 

Mental Health: Health and Wellness Strategies (Z042) 

Mental Health: Psychologically Healthy Workplaces (Z043) 

Mental Health: Signs, Symptoms and Solutions (Z067) 

Note: GCcampus is accessible through public networks. Please do not use the Government of Canada network or Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to log in. 

Mental health testimonials 

You are not alone. Learn from the lived experiences of others by taking a few moments to view our suite of #GCMentalHealth videos, which offers tips, support and compelling insights from your fellow public servants. 

#GCMentalHealth: Tips for Managers 

#GCMentalHealth: Supporting a Colleague 

#GCMentalHealth: You Are Not Alone 

#GCMentalHealth: Managing Your Mental Health 

#GCMentalHealth: Sharing Our Stories, Inspiring Hope 

Mental health assistance 

If you are in distress, please contact your Employee Assistance Program or nearest crisis / distress centre. If it is an emergency, call 911 or go to your local Emergency Department. 

Resources for working virtually 

New: Job aids for virtual teams 

E-learning: Leading Teams: Managing Virtual Teams (X027)