Recently several members have contacted ACFO to report that they have been pressured by managers to work unpaid overtime. Managers have apparently cited the departmental hiring and budget freezes as a rationale for their request. This is the latest tactic in a longstanding and unacceptable practice.

You should not feel intimidated by those who frown on you being paid for the work you do. As unrepresented employees, excluded managers are not entitled to claim overtime but may instead receive performance pay that you are not entitled to.

As a member of the FI Community, you have earned the right under Article 19 of your Collective Agreement to be compensated for all the overtime you work. Your skills are valuable. Your talents are in demand. It’s only fair that you are compensated for all your contributions.

Working unpaid overtime contributes to the chronic understaffing that exists in the public service financial community by creating the impression that your workplace has adequate personnel in place to meet the demand. It also perpetuates the unfair expectation that exists in the workplace that professionals should work unpaid overtime.

With year-end fast approaching we strongly encourage you to claim all of your overtime and support your community.  If you are pressured to work unpaid overtime please contact the national office at 1-877-728-0695 and ask to speak with a Labour Relations Advisor. We will support your right to fair compensation.