Retirement awaits everyone at the end of their career and without the proper resources, it’s easy to feel increasingly stressed and overwhelmed.

Therefore, ACFO-ACAF is pleased to announce that we’ve launched a new initiative to help our members better prepare for retirement geared towards members at any stage of their planning. If you’ve already retired, we also have many resources and opportunities to offer as well.

Plan your retirement
We invite you to visit our new Plan Your Retirement page where you can find a carefully curated map that takes you through the process of planning your retirement with information pertinent to members at any stage of their career. This plan includes important information on steps such as:

  • retirement courses
  • how to formally retire
  • post-retirement considerations
  • and more

Retiree subcommittee
If you’re looking for ways to be more involved within ACFO-ACAF in a way that benefits not only you but your department and community, our retiree subcommittee is looking for volunteers. This will ensure that our members continue to be well equipped with the resources they need pre- and post-retirement.

If this interests you, please contact committee Chair Stephanie Rochon Perras at

Are you retiring soon?
If your retirement is approaching and you would like to be kept in our retired member directory to receive important updates from ACFO-ACAF as well as additional retirement resources, please contact

We hope these new resources contribute to the successful planning of your retirement.