Following sustained pressure by ACFO-ACAF and others, Treasury Board has finally agreed to start negotiations to improve the Public Service Health Care Plan.  

The health care plan covers most federal public service workers and retirees and has not been meaningfully updated since 2006. We are hoping to see long overdue improvements to reflect recent medical advances, increases in the cost of health services and emerging technologies.  

Based on our survey of members in November 2017, we will be specifically focused on improvements to vision care; better for coverage for paramedical services like physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractic care; better coverage for mental health services; and more. 

The plan sits outside of collective agreements and is negotiated jointly by the federal bargaining agents, the association representing federal retirees and Treasury Board. There is no timetable for negotiations at this point but we will keep members informed as progress is made at the table.  

If you have specific questions about the process, please contact ACFO-ACAF President Dany Richard (