Security Breach at Service Canada

OTTAWA – ACFO would like to inform its Members that it has been made aware of a situation at Service Canada (HRSDC) involving a possible security breach. Apparently, a laptop computer containing personal information of staff, as well as recipients of Old Age Security Pensions, was stolen.

The Employer has informed us that two sets of data have potentially been compromised. For a number of employees, their SIN was attached to the file. These employees are being notified separately, in writing, to advise them of the risk. Similar efforts are being undertaken to identify and advise staff that have left the department or retired.

Please note, that at this time, there is no indication that any of our Members have become victims of identity theft. ACFO has requested that the Employer notify the Employee if there is any indication the compromised data has been wrongfully used.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we would like to assure our Members that if they experience any difficulties related to this incident, ACFO can be contacted directly for assistance.