ACFO-ACAF is looking to improve our engagement with our members, provide more valuable networking opportunities to members and host more inclusive events in the coming months.  

Therefore, we ask that you complete a short six-question survey on ACFO-ACAF networking events to share your feedback. While we recognize that survey fatigue may be setting in, it should only take five minutes to complete and will give you the opportunity to: 

  • Identify which types of events you’re interested in and timing of the day / week that works best for you; 
  • Provide suggestions of types of events in which you’d be interested; and 
  • Indicate whether factors such as cost or COVID-19 prevention measures would affect your attendance 

The survey is open to all members, including members in the regions, and will greatly assist with making sure our engagement events are serving our members as best as possible.

For the link to the survey, please contact Lia Bosquet at