The ACFO-ACAF State of the Community Survey is now open, which is an annual, comprehensive survey of all ACFO-ACAF members. With this year’s focus on how the return to the workplace is going and on workplace culture and wellness, the survey is instrumental towards moving multiple ACFO-ACAF initiatives forward and improving the everyday realities of the CT Community. 

The survey will take about 10-20 minutes to complete, and your confidentiality and anonymity are strictly protected.

Members can access the survey through the link that was sent out via email on May 17.

Purpose of the survey  

The State of the Community Survey is one of the most important tools we have when it comes to advocating for you at the bargaining table, in grievances, with senior management, and in advocacy work

By receiving an entry from the most members possible, it allows us to: 

  • Reinforce our asks at the bargaining table and grievance cases by collecting important information about the demographics and level of experience of our members; 
  • Advocate with senior management and departmental CFOs with year-over-year results on what is going well and what improvements can be made within the department; and 
  • Publish the results to the CT Community so that they may make informed career decisions based on which departments align closest with their workplace values. 

Next steps 

After the survey closes, we complete the analysis internally, then share the aggregate data with our members in the following formats: 

  • Complete survey analysis document, question by question 
  • Departmental report card, showing departments’ scores in key areas like remote work opportunities and workplace culture 
  • Departmental analysis documents 

Departments will be listed in the report card and receive an analysis once a minimum number of responses are received to ensure anonymity and statistical relevance, so make sure that you encourage your colleagues to complete the survey! 

Complete the survey now 

In order for the State of the Community survey data to best advocate for you and your fellow CTs in the workplace, your input is vital. Too few respondents and the statistical accuracy of the survey is compromised, resulting in the loss of a valuable source of information for ACFO-ACAF and tool in our advocacy and bargaining toolbox. It is also a loss for CT members who would otherwise be able to compare their department with others and make the best possible choice for their own career development. 

We strongly encourage you to complete it and to encourage your coworkers to do the same. 

If you have any questions about the survey or how the data will be used, please contact Andrew Kelly at If you’d like to access survey results from previous years, you may access them in the my.ACFO-ACAF portal at