With recent changes to public health advice and the easing of pandemic restrictions across Canada, both the employer and many bargaining agents are reviewing our respective positions on the employer’s pandemic policy suite including its mandatory vaccination policy. ACFO-ACAF has consulted with the employer and suggested changes, where we are anticipating developments in the next several weeks.  

We are currently assisting approximately 30 members who have requested and been denied accommodation for their medical and/or religious exemptions requests. We are also aware of several members who are currently on leave without pay (LWOP) due to the employer’s policy. 

If you have not yet contacted ACFO-ACAF and have been denied accommodation of a medical or religious exemption request, or if you are currently on LWOP due to the vaccination policy, please email labourrelations@acfo-acaf.com so we can open a file on your behalf and keep you updated on developments.    

Depending on the results and timing of the employer’s decision on the vaccination policy, ACFO-ACAF may update its advice to members regarding options for challenging the employer’s policy. 

We are also monitoring the return to the workplace trends and ask that members who require medical accommodation due to a higher risk of COVID-19 infection or complications reach out if they are ordered to return to the workplace and are concerned for their health and safety. In addition, if you have a family or household member who is at risk, we also encourage you to reach out to us. 

Finally, ACFO-ACAF remains committed to advocating for flexible telework when feasible and when a member feels safer working remotely. You can read our updated position on telework arrangements here: https://www.acfo-acaf.com/2022/03/24/acfo-acafs-updated-position-on-telework-arrangements/ 

If you have any questions about the vaccination policy or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to labourrelations@acfo-acaf.com.