ACFO-ACAF is excited to launch the Member Showcase, a series of features on ACFO-ACAF members who have shown exceptional dedication to their work, made a difference in their workplace and made a profound impact on the CT Community.

Whether nominating yourself or a colleague for the showcase, this a chance to provide or receive recognition for outstanding contributions, giving members the exposure and opportunity to inspire their fellow CTs across the country.

What the showcase will look like

The ACFO-ACAF Member Showcase will be a multimedia campaign through print, videos and photos on social media, the ACFO-ACAF website and beyond. You’ll learn about these members’ stories, their contributions and how they’ve made an impact on their community.

The featured members’ campaigns will be shot over the summer where we’ll come to you, pending its safety and while respecting any COVID-19 restrictions that remain in place. While we are currently aiming to showcase five members, the number of showcases will ultimately depend on the number of nominations and availability of the nominees.

However, we need your help with identifying these standouts.

Who we’re looking to showcase

Are you or do you know:

  • A veteran of the public service who’s dedicated their career to financial stewardship?
  • A FORD student with a bright future?
  • A member with a unique or interesting role?
  • An innovator leveraging technology to tackle the opportunities of artificial intelligence?
  • A manager or colleague who’s provided immense support and helped maintain team morale during the pandemic?

These are just a few examples of the kinds of members just like you that we’re looking to feature—no member’s contributions are too modest to showcase.

We’re also looking to feature a diverse range of members across different regions, classifications, levels, departments, specialities, demographics and equity groups.

How to nominate a member for the showcase

To nominate yourself or someone else, please complete the form here, which should take less than 10 minutes to complete:

From there, once the nominations are reviewed, we’ll reach out to a select group of nominees to determine their interest in participating in the showcase and arrange the campaign shoots accordingly.

For any questions about the member showcase, please contact