ACFO’s pay equity team prepared and submitted its key arguments (Statement of Particulars) to the PSLRB on August 13th, 2010, and Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) responded in kind on October 18, 2010, according to the timelines set last June.

Since then, the parties have set up a schedule for the disclosure of documents. On October 25, 2010 and November 26, 2010, ACFO’s pay equity team met to identify the documents we require from TBS for disclosure, as well as the documents TBS requested for disclosure from ACFO. 

We then sent the letter to TBS on December 15, 2010 outlining what evidence ACFO would be disclosing, and requested the documents we require from TBS.  On January 4, 2011 TBS responded to our request for disclosure with a refusal to disclose various documents, questioning the relevance of said evidence. 

Our pay equity team is in the process of responding to TBS’s refusal to disclose with a reasoned rationale for the need for this information.  Once all necessary documents have been disclosed, the parties will continue preparing their arguments for this pay equity complaint in anticipation of the case being heard before the PSLRB in 2012.  The pay equity committee is scheduled to meet in late January to discuss these matters. 

We will continue to update on further development as they arise in this matter. In the meantime, please contact Vivian Gates at 613-728-0695 ex 226 if you have any questions in relation to this case.