Public Services and Procurement Canada notified ACFO that all 2016 CPA dues reimbursements have been processed and eligible members should receive any outstanding payments by March 22.

If you were eligible for a reimbursement in 2016 and didn’t receive it due to Phoenix pay system errors, please check your pay on March 22 to ensure it’s there. If not, please contact ACFO Labour Relations ( immediately so we may look into it.

In addition, some FIs have reported that their T4 and Relevé 1s were inaccurate. CPA reimbursements appeared as a taxable benefit on their T4 and appeared twice on their Relevé 1. The employer has confirmed that some tax slips do indeed contain these errors and that new tax slips will be issued for those affected.

These issues were first brought to our attention by members contacting ACFO directly. The scope and scale of the problem was highlighted in the FI Community Phoenix Impact Study surveys so we appreciate so many of you taking the time to complete these surveys. The employer has not been forthcoming with statistics and information about Phoenix issues but our survey data has proven useful in getting their attention on FI Community specific issues such as this.

Another Phoenix survey will be issued in the coming weeks to evaluate Phoenix’s progress and the status of T4s. PSPC Deputy Minister Marie Lemay has expressed significant interest to us in obtaining these new results.

If you have ongoing problems related to Phoenix, please don’t hesitate to contact us.