Treasury Board has provided details on how the claims process will work for public servants who have incurred expenses resulting from incomplete and inaccurate pay because of the Phoenix roll out.

All available information, including a list of claims officers in each department and an FAQ, can be found on the Treasury Board website here:

ACFO is continuing to help individual affected members navigate the various recourse mechanisms in place as well as pursuing a group policy grievance. So far, in addition to the emergency measures put in place by the employer, we’ve been able to secure a postponement to the mandatory cash out of compensatory leave for a full year. We also continue to raise issues specific to the FI Community including the lack of reimbursements for CPA dues.

We will also be circulating a survey to members closer to the government’s October 31 deadline for Phoenix fixes to evaluate progress and flag any remaining issues.

In the meantime, if you have questions or need support, please contact ACFO Labour Relations at