Since our last update on July 13, several Phoenix developments have occurred. Firstly, it was revealed that two privacy breaches took place in 2015 and early 2016; ACFO is very concerned about these breaches and we look forward to the Privacy Commissioner’s report following a formal investigation of their causes and impact.

In addition, the government provided a timeline on priorities for the Pay Centre and specific issues addressed until the end of October. We sincerely hope all issues with public servants’ pay will be resolved by this time, but our expectations remain tempered. An emergency parliamentary committee met July 28 to investigate Phoenix and establish solutions within this timeline. While ACFO was not involved in this meeting, we reached out to the committee to express our views and hope to be part of the detailed Phoenix study taking place in the fall, specifically regarding the importance of contributions from internal staff versus staff contracted from the private sector.

Finally, ACFO Executive Vice-President Dany Richard participated in an NJC teleconference with Treasury Board, where Phoenix issues addressed in ACFO’s policy grievance and next steps were discussed at length. An NJC Phoenix committee will be struck with Treasury Board, and ACFO looks forward to participating in this committee and giving a voice to the FI-specific issues such as CPA dues reimbursements.

If you are in an emergency situation, please contact ACFO immediately at or by calling 1-877-728-0695 and asking to speak to a Labour Relations advisor. Otherwise, feel free to contact Labour Relations with any questions or concerns related to Phoenix.