CT Group Implementation Update

With input from the ACFO-ACAF President, General Counsel, and core public administration (CPA) organizations, the Office of the Chief Human […]

New podcast: Statement of duties

Your Collective Agreement Explained Episode 17 looks at Article 49 – Statement of duties.

Classification Standard Video update

Here is a video clip of ACFO President Milt Isaacs providing an update on the Classification initiative, taken at ACFO’s […]

FI Group on Deck for Classification Renewal

What’s wrong with the FI Classification Standard? The current FI Classification standard is broken and has been in this state […]

National Work Descriptions for Financial Officers

OTTAWA – Many departments and agencies are developing national generic work descriptions for many occupational groups including Financial Officers. Once […]


Can anyone help me understand how the classification system works for FI positions? The FI classification standard is used to […]