Mar 8, 2024

Update on CT-FIN Joint Pay Equity Study

On this International Women’s Day, we are pleased to share that good progress is being made on the Joint Pay […]

World Day of Social Justice: ACFO-ACAF’s goals and priorities

My fellow members of the CT Community, On November 26, 2007, the General Assembly of the United Nations deemed that […]

Dec 21, 2023

Warm wishes this holiday season from ACFO-ACAF

Colleagues, The holiday season can be a hectic time and an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, while for […]

Celebrating your service on Labour Day

Colleagues, Labour Day is always an opportunity every year for me to take a step back and reflect on how […]

Update on Joint TBS/ACFO-ACAF Pay Equity Study

The last few months have been very productive for both ACFO and TBS. Both parties attended a mediation in December […]

ACFO in the news: President Dany Richard argues for consistent remote work in Policy Options

ACFO-ACAF President told Policy Options recently that the government needs to be more clear and consistent on their stance in […]

ACFO in the news: President Dany Richard Published in Policy Options

Policy Options recently published an article written by ACFO-ACAF President Dany Richard that highlighted three ways to make government spending […]

ACFO in the news: President comments on the future of telework in the public service

ACFO President Dany Richard was recently interviewed by The Institute of Research on Public Policy (IRPP) about the direction in […]

Labour Day 2021: Looking Towards Recovery

Dear friends, As we arrive at our second Labour Day amidst the pandemic, I am writing to you once more […]

Jun 11, 2021

Update on pay equity complaint

As you may be aware, ACFO-ACAF and the employer reached an agreement in June of 2019 for a joint study […]

Richard: Want to make government spending more accountable? Protect whistleblowers

“While the work of enforcing financial controls and reconciling balance sheets is rarely the stuff of newspaper headlines, it’s vital […]

Dec 18, 2020

Best wishes for a peaceful holiday season from ACFO-ACAF

My friends, It is an understatement to say this is not the holiday season any of us could have predicted […]