CT-IAUs, formerly known mostly under the AS classification, work in the federal public service in an internal audit function. There are approximately 375 CT-IAUs represented by ACFO-ACAF, spread across several departments in the National Capital Region and across Canada.

Previously represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada, CT-IAUs became represented by ACFO-ACAF in 2019 when the Comptrollership (CT) occupational group was created by the Government of Canada. The occupational group also consists of CT-FINs (former FI classification) and CT-EAVs (former AU classification) in the core federal public service.

Phase I

Since ACFO-ACAF has been identified as the new bargaining agent to represent employees of the new Comptrollership (CT) occupational group and is beginning to facilitate your transition, you should have received a letter from the Office of the Chief Human Resources Office at TBS explaining the details behind these changes and how they affect you. A copy of the letter can be found here.

Phase II

Although still in the early stages of the Phase II reclassification process, a handful of CT-FINs, ECs and ITs have already been informed that their current position is under review for reclassification to CT-IAU.

We know that there can be a lot of uncertainty when your position is reclassified, which is why our staff have developed this one-pager to share the most pertinent information about the process.

Still have questions? Click here to view a full Q&A comprised of the most frequently asked questions about the transition into a CT-IAU position.

An important step for you to take to make this transition as smooth as possible is to register with us through our membership portal and through the creation of your own my.ACFO-ACAF account. Registering ensures you stay up to date on collective bargaining and all the services that ACFO-ACAF offers.

Registration takes no more than five quick minutes.

Click here to register and for registration instructions.

You can find news and resources specific to CT-IAU members below.


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