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Stay in touch with your Association

While you’re automatically represented by ACFO-ACAF simply by joining the CT Group and paying ACFO-ACAF union dues, registering your membership with us is the only way to ensure you receive important information on issues such as collective bargaining, professional development and updates on major initiatives.

Active ACFO-ACAF members

New to ACFO-ACAF in 2020, members can update their own contact information using my.ACFO-ACAF, our member portal. You can also customize the communications you receive from ACFO-ACAF so that you receive the most pertinent information to you, access member-only documents and more.

New ACFO-ACAF members

Members paying union dues

If you’re paying union dues to ACFO-ACAF and have not yet created your my.ACFO-ACAF account to manage your membership with us, please contact membership services to obtain your member number.

Members not yet paying union dues

If you’re new to the CT Group and ACFO-ACAF union dues have not yet been deducted from your pay, please complete the following membership form to register manually with ACFO-ACAF.

Contact Membership Services

Not sure how to set up your my.ACFO-ACAF account? Do you need your ACFO-ACAF member number? Not sure whether you’re paying union dues to ACFO-ACAF yet?

You will receive a response from our team within 1-2 business days.

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