Two of the following scholarship is awarded annually, for a total of two winners:

  • The Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship. Established in honour of ACFO-ACAF founder and former president Merdon Hosking, the one-time $2,500 scholarship is awarded to a child or dependent of a member of the CT Community that is currently enrolled in a post-secondary degree or diploma program at a recognized institution.

The CT Community Professional Scholarship is no longer being offered.

Application process & deadline

A call for scholarship applications is sent out every spring.

The Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship

Applicants are required to submit:

  • A completed application form
  • Personal resume.
  • A letter outlining personal contributions to society (150-200 words).
  • A letter outlining contributions they intend to make to society in their adult life (150-200 words).
  • Academic records.
  • Two letters of recommendation from sources (not family members) who are familiar with their abilities and performance records.

Please submit your complete application to or by mail to: 

193 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON
K1Z 6W4

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered and it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure applications are complete.


The evaluation of applications and selection of winners are done by an independent committee. To make the process more fair and unbiased, all personal identification is removed from the applications before they are sent to the evaluation committee.

To facilitate discussion, the committee members will examine the application in detail assigning a score from 1 – 5 on each of the following assessment criteria:

  • Resume
  • Present contributions to society
  • Future contributions to society
  • References
  • Academic records 

Their judgment is based on the application and supporting documents.

  • Selection committee members are not required to provide written appraisals of individual applications. An evaluation scoring grid will be the basis of their decisions.
  • Should there be no clear winner, one face-to-face meeting may be required to select the eventual winner.

Appeals for reconsideration can be entertained only on the ground that due process, in an administrative case, was not followed.

Scholarship winners are announced at the ACFO-ACAF Annual General Meeting in October. 



  • Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship: Anushka Kothari
  • CT Community Professional Scholarship: Joshua Ryan Valcourt


  • Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship: Samantha Yee
  • CT Community Professional Scholarship: Melody Coulter


  • Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship: Tirpat Sekhon
  • CT Community Professional Scholarship: Meghan Gaudet
two images of the scholarship winners


  • Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship: Mingde Yin
  • CT Community Professional Scholarship: Justyna Korczynski


Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship: Hovhannes Gasparyan and Lilit Gasparyan

CT Community Professional Scholarship: Daniel Da Silva and Gowthtiriga Nirmalathithakumar


Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship: Alexandra Eva Machicado-McGee and Grant Wolters

Alexandra Eva Machicado-McGee, one of the recipients of the Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship poses with ACFO-ACAF president Dany Richard.

CT Community Professional Scholarship: Courtney Miller and Yiwen (Maria) Shao.

CT Community Professional Scholarship winners Yiwen Shao (left) and Courtney Miller (right) pose with ACFO-ACAF president Dany Richard.


Merdon Hosking Youth Scholarship: Marie-Ève Trahan

Former ACFO-ACAF President Merdon Hosking with 2016 scholarship recipient, Marie-Ève Trahan.

CT Community Professional Scholarship: Jack Diao

ACFO-ACAF Director of Communications and Public Affairs Joe Boughner with 2016 scholarship recipient Jack Diao