The ServicePlus program is offered exclusively to members of affiliated unions. It is included with your membership registration at no additional cost to you or to ACFO-ACAF.

Serving almost 100,000 members, ServicePlus offers savings on travel, clothing, electronics, home furnishings and more at over 20 partners including Via Rail, WestJet, Mark’s, Apple, Rogers, adidas and The Brick. Members can also save hundreds of dollars each year on group insurance policies for home, auto, life and travel (including baggage and trip cancellation).

To access the ServicePlus savings, please:

  1. Ensure you are registered with ACFO-ACAF
  2. Log in to your my.ACFO-ACAF account to retrieve your ACFO-ACAF member number
  3. Register on the ServicePlus website with your member number ready

Other benefits and discounts

Registered members are also entitled to discounts and special offers on the following professional services:

State of the Community Survey

As an ACFO-ACAF member, you can participate in and access the results of the annual State of the Community Survey. The survey prompts ACFO-ACAF members about their opinions on their department’s professional development opportunities, leave approval, work/life balance and more. You can then view a breakdown of 20 different departments’ results and a report card that identifies the highest and lowest performing departments in each category.

To access the survey results, please log in to your my.ACFO-ACAF account and visit the Documents section of the portal. If you do not have a my.ACFO-ACAF account, please visit the Manage Your Membership section of our website.