Are you an ACFO-ACAF member open to changing jobs or actively looking for a new deployment or assignment?

Are you a hiring manager looking for a list of candidates to fill a CT position?

CT Job Connect allows members to submit their name, information and career interests and experience into a repository of possible candidates that will be shared, upon request, with hiring managers looking for new talent for their teams. This information will remain in the inventory until you specifically ask us to remove it and any updates must be made by you directly.

ACFO-ACAF provides this service in response to demand from members and hiring managers alike. By completing the form and entering this inventory, you agree that the information you are providing is accurate and you consent to your information being shared with any hiring manager who requests it.

Please note, this service is completely optional and it is also not intended for promotions. Much like with any other job application, ACFO-ACAF does not vet the information provided by potential candidates and it is incumbent on the applicants to ensure information is accurate. ACFO-ACAF also can’t guarantee your own manager won’t access the list so make sure you are comfortable with your availability for new opportunities being somewhat public. ACFO-ACAF has no input into the hiring process and has no say in who may or may not be selected. Additionally, hiring managers must ensure they are abiding by the staffing directive at all times.

  • To add your information to CT Job Connect, fill out the information form on the my.ACFO-ACAF portal.
    • Fill out Make Changes > Update My Information
    • Fill out My Profile > CT Job Connect.
    • You are responsible for updating your own information.
    • If you have not yet registered for the ACFO-ACAF portal, you can find the instructions on how to register here.
  • If you’re a hiring manager looking for candidates, fill out the form here.

If you have questions about CT Job Connect, please contact